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Good for the Body, the Mind and the Wallet

Obesity has been linked to a number of serious conditions, including high blood pressure, type II (adult-onset) diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke. Despite these associations, obesity is increasing in the United States, rising from an already unacceptable 25.4% from 1976-1980 to a staggering rate of 35.2% from 1988-1994.

In a study published in the October issue of the American Journal of Public Health, researchers evaluated the potential lifetime health and economic benefits of a sustained 10% reduction in body weight in men and women (35-64 years of age and suffering from mild, moderate or severe obesity).

They estimate that this type of weight loss would:

€ reduce the expected number of years of life with high blood pressure by up to three years; years with elevated cholesterol levels by almost one year; and years with type II diabetes by 1/2 a year to nearly two years per person;

€ reduce the expected lifetime incidence of coronary heart disease by 12-38 cases per thousand and stroke by 1-13 cases per thousand;

€ increase average life expectancy by 2-7 months per person; and

€ reduce expected lifetime medical care costs associated with these diseases by $2,200-$5,300 per person.

Most of us need to lose a few pounds, but don't starve yourself or look to a temporary solution. If you want to lose weight, live longer and avoid disease, adopt a sensible diet that will take the pounds off steadily and keep them off. Your doctor of chiropractic can recommend a complete exercise and nutritional program suitable to your needs.



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