To Your Health
May, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 05)
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Chiropractic: The Golfer's Advantage

By Editorial Staff

Millions of people enjoy recreational golfing; and millions more watch the pros compete in tournaments year round. Do you know how much chiropractic can help your golf game? A chiropractic consumer-education organization called the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is doing its best to let you and everyone else know.

The F4CP's 30-second, consumer-focused golf commercial aired 17 times during the Masters Tournament last month on The Golf Channel, reaching 1.5 million+ households. The commercial showcases the impact of a golf swing on the human body and how chiropractic helps golfers, and people of all ages, maintain their health.

Chiropractic - The Golfer's Advantage - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark And chiropractic's value doesn't end with golf. As part of the F4CP's 2024 campaign, "Made Possible by Chiropractic," the foundation is producing four additional consumer-focused commercials launching during the major championships of pickleball and rodeo. The commercials, estimated to reach up to 100 million households, will build public awareness regarding how everyone can follow the lead of athletes who consistently benefit from chiropractic care.