To Your Health
May, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 05)
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3 Ways to Lose It

By Editorial Staff

The weight, that is. While everyone seems to have a great plan to lose weight, and keep it off, too often the end result is temporary success, at best. In fact, statistics show that only about 10-20% of Americans who lose weight keep it off long term.

That means 80% thought they had a great plan, but it didn't turn out how they imagined it would. Let's change that by looking at three fundamental ways to achieve lasting weight loss:

  1. Embrace the New: Whether diet, exercise or other healthy habits, if you don't buy in to a new you, then the new you won't last long, if at all. The long-term success of any weight-loss plan is grounded in making the new something you embrace as part of who you are – not just foreign ideas you're forced to adopt.
  2. Find the Light: Get off the couch, out of the dark house and give yourself a physical and mental boost as often as you can by spending quality time outdoors. Walk, jog, hike to burn calories and improve heart health; or just enjoy a little time in the sun to soak up vitamin D, improve your mood and remind yourself that life matters.
  3. Believe in Yourself: Take all the encouragement you can get, but long-term success comes from believing in yourself. When no one's around to make sure you go to the gym, limit fast food or motivate you, who are you left with to do the job? You, that's who.

Your doctor is an often-overlooked partner in your weight-loss journey. Start with a consultation to determine what your healthy weight is, what's worked in the past and what's come up short. Together, you can outline the steps required to make the walk toward a healthier you.