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Exercise the Key to Keeping Back Pain Away

If there’s one health problem most people will suffer from at some point in their lives, it’s back pain. Back pain accounts for more than half of all musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic low back pain (LBP) accounts for the majority of the health care costs associated with repeated treatment, long-term work absenteeism and early retirement.

What can be done about back pain? Exercise may be one answer, according to a recent study involving 125 LBP patients. All patients had previously participated in a 12-week low-back rehabilitation program. Results showed that patients who exercised consistently following treatment suffered from less pain and missed less work, compared with patients who remained inactive following treatment.

You may not be able to avoid back pain, but when it hits, there’s definitely something you can do about it. Your doctor can provide you with more information on the causes and treatment for back pain. Information can also be accessed on line at


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