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Fighting Prostate Cancer with Vitamins

Prostate cancer strikes nearly a quarter of a million men each year, making it the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer. Evidence suggests that male hormones may contribute to the development of this disease as we age.

Studies of dietary antioxidants have provided encouraging data on the prevention of prostate cancer, an observation supported by a study published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

In the study, various antioxidants were applied to cell cultures to evaluate their effect on cell growth and other characteristics. Vitamins C and E decreased cancerous activity on a cellular level, especially when high doses were administered; other antioxidants included in the study were not as effective in suppressing cancer growth.

These findings add to considerable evidence promoting antioxidants as cancer-fighting agents. Where can you find good sources of vitamin C and E? Look no further than the produce section of your local grocery store: fruits and leafy green vegetables contain significant amounts of these powerful antioxidants. Your chiropractor can tell you more about what foods to eat (and what foods to avoid) to ward off disease.


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