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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin E?

We hear about vitamin C, vitamin A, the B vitamins, calcium and iron. But what¹s so great about vitamin E? Well, most of us know that it¹s good for the skin. After all, check out all those skin care products in your local supermarket ‹ most (if not all) contain some form of vitamin E.

What too many people apparently don¹t know is that vitamin E also plays an important role in preventing and controlling cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, an estimated 27% of the U.S. population doesn¹t get enough daily vitamin E. Men have a higher concentration than women, and African Americans have the lowest concentration of any ethnic or racial group.

If you¹re not getting enough vitamin E in your diet, you¹re an inviting target for cancer, heart disease, and a number of other dangerous conditions, including infertility, nerve destruction and anemia. So don¹t ignore vitamin E, especially when it¹s so easy to find. Plant and seed oils, nuts, whole grains, milk, soybeans and sweet potatoes are all good sources of vitamin E. Ask your chiropractor for more information. .


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