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Staying Healthy by Eating Yogurt

Why eat yogurt? For starters, it's loaded with nutrients, including protein, calcium and riboflavin. Still not convinced? Consider the findings of a study that appeared in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition earlier this year.

Twenty-five healthy volunteers (aged 60-83) were randomly assigned to one of two groups. Twelve subjects drank six ounces of low-fat, low-lactose milk twice a day for six weeks, while 13 subjects drank the same milk supplemented with a strain of lactic acid bacteria derived from yogurt (bifidobacterium lactis).

Results: Subjects who consumed milk supplemented with B lactis showed significantly improved levels of a biomarker for improved immunity compared with subjects who drank unsupplemented milk. The authors are encouraged that these improvements in immune function were noted after adopting a relatively short-term diet (six weeks), concluding that "Dietary B lactis appears to improve immune function in elderly subjects when delivered in a milk-based diet."

Your chiropractor can evaluate your current diet and outline a specific nutritional plan suitable to your needs.


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