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Don¹t Fear the Garlic

Smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes are known risk factors for atherosclerosis ­ hardening and thickening of the arteries. If your arteries are clogged, blood can¹t get to your heart and all the other places that need a constant supply.

A recent study evaluated the influence of garlic on arterial wall thickness and plaque buildup (arterial plaque being an established indicator of atherosclerosis). Patients received garlic supplementation in the form of 900 milligrams of garlic powder daily, or a harmless tablet that contained no garlic powder.

After 48 months, plaque buildup was measured in the 152 patients who completed the study, and results were compared with original measurements taken before the study began. The researchers found that patients who took garlic showed a 2.6% decrease in plaque, whereas patients in the placebo group showed a 15.6% increase in plaque volume.

Talk to your chiropractor about nutritional and exercise guidelines that can help you avoid atherosclerosis and other health problems. And go to your local market and pick up some garlic. If you¹re afraid your partner won¹t kiss you, try an odorless supplement instead of the raw version ­ but whatever you do, don¹t fear the garlic!


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