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Good Spinal Health Key to Feeling Great
  By Donald Petersen Jr.
No Shortage of Back Pain
On-the-Job Back Pain Isn't Going Away
Hitting Back Pain from All Angles
Arterial Disease Linked to Back Pain
Exercise for Low Back Pain
Back Pain a Question of Weight?
Missing Work Because of Back Pain
When Work Causes Back Pain
Bed Rest Ineffective for Back Pain
Workplace Lifting: Watch Out for Spine Injuries
For Low Back Pain, Look to Chiropractic
Back to Work with Chiropractic
When Work Hurts
Exercise the Key to Keeping Back Pain Away
Back Belts Do Little to Reduce Injury Claims
Get Out of Bed and Fight Back Pain
The Continuing Saga: Work-Related Back Pain
Surgery for Back Pain? Think Again
Getting Rid of Back Pain
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