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Think your fitness level doesn't affect your job performance? Think again! A recent study suggests that physically fit employees are more productive, have fewer absences and are more satisfied with the quality of their work than their less physically active counterparts.

Researchers surveyed 683 men and women to assess whether lifestyle-related health risks, including a lack of physical activity, poor cardiorespiratory fitness, and obesity, are linked to aspects of job performance, such as absenteeism, work performance and relationships with co-workers.

Physically active employees reported better work quality and overall job performance, and those with higher levels of physical fitness reported positively on the quantity of work performed, as well as a reduction in the amount of effort needed to complete the work. Researchers also found that work quantity increased as employee fitness levels increased.

Twenty-two percent of study participants were classified as obese, with 4.5 percent labeled "severely" obese. Obese employees reportedly had more difficulty getting along with co-workers, while severely obese employees reported a higher number of absences related to health. The study concluded that poor health related to lifestyle choices negatively impacts work performance.

If you suspect that your work performance is suffering because of an unhealthy lifestyle, talk to a doctor of chiropractic about getting back on track with some healthier choices. It could save your life and your job!


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