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Jogging is easy to do (at least in theory), and millions of people make it a daily or near-daily part of their exercise routine. In the past several decades, the number of jogging races and sheer numbers of joggers have increased dramatically, prompting this study on the potential long-term benefits of the popular activity.

Published in the British Medical Journal, the study utilized data drawn from the Copenhagen City Heart Study on cardiovascular disease. Nearly five thousand men with no prior history of heart problems attended two examinations five years apart, at which time they were asked whether or not they jogged regularly.

At the initial examination, 4.7% of the men said they jogged on a regular basis; 2.1% were still actively jogging five years later. In the five years between examinations, 2.3% of the study group started jogging. Men who reported jogging at both examinations had a substantially lower risk of death by any cause compared with men who reported jogging at neither or at only one examination.

So lace up those shoes and begin the journey toward longevity today! A wealth of evidence supports the role of exercise in maintaining health and wellness. Make sure you and your loved ones participate in consistent, moderate exercise as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And to learn more about the value of exercise, go to


Schnohr P, Parner J, Lange P. Mortality in joggers: population-based study of 4,658 men. British Medical Journal, Sept. 9, 2000: Vol. 321, pp602-603.

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