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Battle Against Childhood Obesity Has Two Fronts
The issue of obesity amongst children recently has become a hot topic in the news. Studies on the negative effects on later life and how to fix the problem now have flooded the minds of parents in the U.S. But studies are showing that exercise is not the only way to keep children fit.

A recent British study has concluded that although physical activity can significantly improve motor skills, it did not reduce the body mass index in the young study participants. At six- and 12-month intervals, the researchers tested the subjects and found no significant effect of the intervention on physical activity, sedentary behavior or body mass index.

The results also can be seen as an advertisement of an overall healthy lifestyle. The inclusion of a well-balanced diet, in addition to exercise, can help to get children into a healthy routine that can benefit them for the rest of their lives. For information on how to get your kids into caring for themselves and their bodies, ask your chiropractor, or visit


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