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Watching Your Back at Work
Sitting in front of a computer screen with your body planted into an anything-but-comfortable chair can definitely do a number on your lower back. Add to that the stress which sometimes goes along with the 9-to-5 workday and your back is in for trouble. A recent study in Finland has found that a little exercise can go a long way at the office.

A group of office workers who had complained that their back pain was restricting their effectiveness on the job were measured by the researchers before teaching them some simple exercises that could help with their daily backaches. Over 15 weeks the workers were taught and performed various forms of light resistance training.

The study showed a statistically significant decrease in the intensity of low back pain symptoms attributable to exericising. After exercising for only five minutes every day during the work week, subjects' back pain decreased by 19 percent.

Doctors of chiropractic treat back pain with a number of different techniques, including adjustments, stretching and strength exercises, and hot/cold therapy. To find out more about how your chiropractor can help with lower back pain, visit


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