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nbsp; Low back pain (LBP) sufferers know how frustrating it can be to sleep at night; no matter what position you try, the pain seems to move right with you. What they might not be aware of is how one type of mattress can affect LBP more than another.

A recent study published in the Lancet challenges the popular belief that a firm mattress is the best sleeping arrangement for easing the discomfort of LBP. Researchers compared firm mattresses with medium-firm mattresses by replacing the existing mattresses of 313 test subjects, who were unaware of which type of mattress they were receiving.

Users of medium-firm mattresses were twice as likely to report reduced LBP and associated disability (less pain in bed, during the day, and after a night's sleep) after three months of use, compared with those who used firm mattresses.

If you're struggling with LBP, the solution may be as close as the bed you're lying on! Talk to your chiropractor about the cause of your pain, and what can be done about it. A combination of chiropractic care in the office, and an appropriate mattress at home, may be just what's needed to get you on the fast road to recovery.


Kovacs FM, Abraira V, Pena A, et al. Effect of firmness of mattress on chronic, non-specific low-back pain: randomized, double-blind, controlled, multicentre trial. Lancet, Nov. 15, 2003:362, 9396, pp1599-1604.

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